QtMoko v37 for GTA02

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rizurita at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 14 16:08:54 CET 2011

Hi Robin,

--- On Tue, 12/13/11, robin <spielraum at web.de> wrote:
> Unfortunately my fingers are still too fat so I often
> mistype using it. So I was wondering if you could make
> it run in fullscreen mode

I tried something, a few weeks ago, to get fullscreen, 
but without success yet. So if somebody knows how to 
hide the bars please help :)

> There are two other things I have noticed:
> - once I want to send the SMS and have to chose a recipient
> the screen rotates back, that's fine, but once I have chosen
> a recipient it rerotates to landscape again..

IIRC that is because when you have choosed the recipient
the GUI shows you the recipients choosed and the "Send" button again.
There, you can write extra numbers recipients, so keyboard
is showed again, and it rotates the screen.

> - the buttons on the right are currently only to a quarter
> visible

Yes, that was intentional. Because I could not do them (the
buttons on the right) smaller. If those are showed completely
the others keys will be smaller yet.

> would it be easy to have the letters as a set of single svg
> or png files of a certain size which could be altered by a theme?

No idea sorry. I do not know qt well. I did that keyboard and
few hacks for buttons to have a better qtmoko GUI for my fingers.

Best regards and thank a lot for your feedback!

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