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Thu Dec 15 21:22:39 CET 2011

Il 15/12/2011 20:36, elf Pavlik ha scritto:
> Excerpts from Alishams Hassam's message of 2011-12-15 12:17:36 +0000:
>> I don't think that's exclusive to v26. I have a FR on v37 that this was
>> installed on with the package. Is upward/downward arrow on context menu
>> button (next to the four verticle dots) unshaded? And the back button not
>> complete either?
> same on one i've just upgraded to v37
> but even with those few glitches it looks great!
> thanks =)
guys can you make some screenshots or compare them with the ones I made 
[1]? the original SVGs (but also the PNGs) are shaded, the back button 
is a sort of arc (look at the screenshots). sorry but now I cannot use a 
v37, let me know!


[1] http://db.tt/8KF7DHRp

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