uSD corruption

fdvjoif at fdvjoif at
Thu Dec 15 22:00:22 CET 2011

I have a Kingstone microSD card 8GB. It seems to be reliable for data 
but if I use it with a running distro, at this moment QtMoko, I 
experience, during a day of usage, several freezings. I mean, when it is 
in suspend mode (deep suspend enabled) if I press the power button the 
Neo does not recover from the suspend. I have to pull off the battery 
and then restart the Neo, but as can you imagine, after a couple of 
times the file system gets corrupted and I have to format the partition. 
Moreover this behaviour seems to become worse as the time passes.
Should I consider to replace the uSD card? are there known issues in 
using running distro on it?


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