uSD corruption

David Matthews mail at
Fri Dec 16 10:06:09 CET 2011

I've had similar problems with that same (Kingston 8GB)  uSD card. I initially blamed qtmoko for this and switched to running it from a 2GB SanDisk card rather than NAND.  I'm pleased to say it (v35 & v37) works really well set up like this.

I have doubts that my diagnosis was correct though as I think the Kingston
card was failing and I'm intending to try running from NAND again and
mounting the SanDisk card for data.

The whole business of uSDs on the freerunner is most confusing, for instance
a 4GB SanDisk I have does not work at all. Throw into the mix that the card
maybe failing, and it's then tricky to be sure what the issue is.

David Matthews
mail at

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