Neo Freerunner as a controller

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Fri Dec 16 23:10:57 CET 2011

On Friday 16 December 2011 18:51:02 Timo Juhani Lindfors wrote:
> Hi,
> fdvjoif at writes:
> > I'm interested in the use of the Neo Freerunner as a controller, using
> > its accelerometers, mainly to test a flight sim on my computer.
> > I found the project openmokontrol, but is it still alive? I found
> > references here [1] and here [2] but the project seems not mantained
> > anymore.
> > Are there similar softwares? Something for QtMoko?
> I just streamed /dev/accelerometer-top data over wifi and generated fake
> keypresses on my desktop. At least here it is really not something you
> can enjoy. The accelerometer reports orientation of the phone only when
> it is not moving. When you move the phone it will of course be skewed by
> the acceleration.
I have played with it as well, hoping to use it as a mouse. The problem here 
is that the only one direction that's accelerated constantly, is the one 

The showstopper for me was that the stream would choke after some time. I 
think I used bluetooth most of the time, but I'm not quite sure anymore. I at 
least tried one other way of connecting, probably USB, to find out if that 
would relieve the choking behaviour, but it didn't: after a while, the stream 
would die.

I took the Openmoko wike pages Technical:Accelerometer_Fundamentals and 
Accelerometer_data_retrieval as a starting point, the test application worked 
almost out of the box (I had to change the input event to another number). 
Other people who took this code documented their use at [1]

I also took the print statements and other code that seemed not useful away, 
to see if that kept the connection stable. In case you have better luck, I'd 
be interested in your results!



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