[QtMoko] Error sending SMS (GTA02])

Bernie Schelberg b.schelberg at gmail.com
Sat Dec 17 23:44:36 CET 2011


About two weeks ago, my GTA02 stopped sending SMS messages. I was 
running QtMoko v35 at the time, on a Kingston uSD card. Running dmesg 
while trying to send messages revealed this error:

[ 4171.930000] mmc0:0001: error -110 reading SDIO_CCCR_INTx

Thinking that my uSD card had failed (I'd had it for just over a year), 
I bought another one (A-Ram), set up a fresh install of QtMoko, upgraded 
to v37, tried to send another message, and see the same error in dmesg.

At this point I'm assuming it's not a fault of the uSD card. Is it 
hardware? There doesn't seem to be any problem writing to the uSD 
card... On fail of sending message, the message is moved into Drafts, 
which works nicely. Is it a problem with my SIM card? It's only about 5 
months old.

Are there any other logs I can look at to find out what's happening? Is 
this something I can fix in the software, or should I just get another 
phone for use until the GTA04 is released?


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