uSD corruption (OT?)

Gilles Filippini pini at
Sun Dec 18 09:39:10 CET 2011

Boudewijn a écrit , Le 17/12/2011 23:44:
> You are probably familiar with/aware of linux-mtd at Part of 
> their FAQ made me suspect optimizations for FAT or parts of the spec left out 
> of the flash translation layer giving problems with anything but FAT [1]: 
> "(...) we suspect that vendors may user various tricks or compromises to keep 
> their devices "good enough" and cheap. For example, it is known that some 
> vendors optimize their FTL devices for FAT, and if you start using ext3 on top 
> of one, you might face some unexpected problems (...)"
> Not very constructive either :-( But a good read if you didn't after all ;-)
> Boudewijn 
> [1]

Missing link :)
Here is another one [0]


[0] <>

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