Replicant for GTA04? (Was WebOS for GTA04?)

Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli GNUtoo at
Sun Dec 18 23:25:08 CET 2011

>After HP announced to open source WebOS I wonder
>what we need to get it onto a GTA04 device?
>And is there already a clear picture how completely
>the source will be opened? Under which licence?
>And which limitations? Which timeframe?
>Questions over questions... Let's discuss answers...
Why not porting Replicant to it too?

Replicant is a fully free android version:
 * The non-free low level libraries are replaced by free equivalents
 * The market is replaced by FDroid

When I was involved in it we freed some devices like the htc dream and the 
nexus one but we then realized that the devices themselves were the problem:
The modem in theses device had too much power(it controlled the sound card, 
the GPS and could read/write on RAM of the main CPU).

So then the current main developer ported the nexus S to it which is way 
* The audio codec is attached to the main CPU
* the GPS is attached to the main CPU
* The modem can't read/write the RAM of the main CPU and cannot read/write the 
NAND either
however it suffer from a proprietary and partially signed bootloader.

The GTA04 has none of theses freedom problems...


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