Replicant for GTA04? (Was WebOS for GTA04?)

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Mon Dec 19 07:45:15 CET 2011

Am 18.12.2011 um 23:25 schrieb Denis 'GNUtoo' Carikli:

>> After HP announced to open source WebOS I wonder
>> what we need to get it onto a GTA04 device?
>> And is there already a clear picture how completely
>> the source will be opened? Under which licence?
>> And which limitations? Which timeframe?
>> Questions over questions... Let's discuss answers...
> Why not porting Replicant to it too?

Yes there is a lot of room for multiple OS ports for the GTA04.

> Replicant is a fully free android version:
> * The non-free low level libraries are replaced by free equivalents
> * The market is replaced by FDroid

A good starting point could also be the Rowboat project
which aims at porting Android to TI OMAP systems:

On this list I find e.g. Android 4.0 for BeagleBoard XM.

As usual the best way could be to mix both...


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