[QtMoko] new theme: MokoFaen - segfault

fdvjoif at vodafone.it fdvjoif at vodafone.it
Tue Dec 20 15:41:20 CET 2011

Il 20/12/2011 00:23, Gilles Filippini ha scritto:
> While trying to build a whole qtmoko Debian package including this new
> theme I experienced segfaults with two SVG files:
> * etc/themes/mokofaen/pics/system/datebook/noalarm.svg
> * etc/themes/mokofaen/pics/system/profileedit/Note.svg
> [...]
> Attached is a patch for both themes.
Thank you for the patch, I updated those files. Do you experienced 
better performance with the compiled theme, which uses .pic files, 
instead of the packaged one wich uses .png files? I was investigating 
this issue.
Radek do you have also the source of every qtmoko apps on GIT? Just to 
know, I uploaded my files on my dropbox space but maybe it is not the 
better place to store them.


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