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Dear all,

as a participant of the FSOSHRCON'11 in Essen (Germany) this year, I'd
like to summarize the topics we discussed and the work we did this last

* Date and Location
* Participants
* The Ports (which Devices to support)
* The Stack (SysV Init vs. Systemd / Udev vs. Devtmpfs)
* Stability and Organization
* Solved Tasks
* Openmoko Community Survey 2011 – please take part!

Date and Location:
  The FSOSHRCON'11 took place from 16.12. - 18.12.2011 at the Linux
  Hotel in Essen, Germany.

  antrik, GNUtoo, Heinervdm, JaMa, mickeyl, morphis, mrmoku,
  nschle85, slyon

The Ports (which Devices to support):
  FSO status:
  [working] Openmoko GTA01, Openmoko GTA02, Palm Pre (+variants)
  [work in progress] Goldelico GTA04, Nokia N900, Google Nexus S

  SHR supports:
  Openmoko GTA02, Goldelico GTA04, Nokia N900, Palm Pre (+variants),
  Google Nexus S

The Stack (SysV Init vs. Systemd / Udev vs. Devtmpfs):
  * SHR will switch from SysV init to Systemd in the (near) future, to
    provide a faster and cleaner bootup.
  * There will probably be a minimal FSO init process, which can be used
    to bootup a minimal FSO featurephone stack.
  * We see phones as mostly static devices with fixed use cases, thus we
    prefer devtmpfs over udev and will use it on all devices running
  * Udev will stay in the feeds, so power users who want to use their
    phone as a mini computer can install it anyways.

Stability and Organization:
  * SHR will make releases in the future
  * Release will be created from best staging image + feed, but
    without maintaining release branch.
  * releases consists of a set of features and/or bug fixes
  * for testing the new features, staging images are published and
    tested by developers and the community
  * developers are working on feature branches which are merged after
    the work is finished
  * versions of major components are locked in SHR and updated as

Solved Tasks:
  * GTA04 support: you can now build SHR-Core images, which are almost
    working. Still lacking proper power management (kernel) and proper
    audio routing (fso/alsa) – both are worked on
  * shr_elm_softkey: fixed a long standing bug which prevented you from
    closing several applications (ffphonelog, ffalarms, iliwi)
  * ffalarms: fixed segfault on adding an alarm
  * trac cleanup: we started to clean up our trac bug database, which
    included closing a lot of outdated/obsolete bugs.

Openmoko Community Survey 2011 – please take part!
  We decided to start a poll about which hardware and which software you
  use or are interested in these days. The results will help us to
  focus on relevant hard-/software.
  Please participate in the survey at Doodle and spread the word about


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