Fwd: [FOSDEM] Third call for sessions for the FOSDEM cross-distribution miniconference

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at goldelico.com
Wed Dec 21 13:37:28 CET 2011

Looks as if they urgently need more talks.

This is IMHO a chance for SHR, QtMoko, FSO to present the latest
great progress to a wider audience!

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> Von: Wouter Verhelst <wouter at debian.org>
> Datum: 21. Dezember 2011 13:03:29 MEZ
> An: fosdem at lists.fosdem.org, distributions at lists.freedesktop.org, distributions at lists.fosdem.org
> Betreff: [FOSDEM] Third call for sessions for the FOSDEM cross-distribution miniconference
> Hi all,
> (note MFT set to distributions at lists.fosdem.org)
> FOSDEM is a yearly conference that takes place in the campus Solbosch of
> the Université Libre the Bruxelles, in Brussels, Belgium. The upcoming
> edition of FOSDEM will happen during the first weekend of February, that
> is, the 4th and 5th of February, 2012.
> During the past two editions, there has been a distributions
> miniconference at FOSDEM, inviting talks from all distribution projects.
> Distributions that have cooperated in the past include Debian, Fedora,
> CentOS, openSUSE, Mandriva, NixOS, and more.
> The distributions miniconference will happen again this year, and we are
> still seeking proposals for sessions.
> I've sent out two previous calls for sessions for the miniconference
> that set the deadline for talk proposals to December 22nd, 2011, which
> is tomorrow.
> A list of current proposals can be found at
> <http://barbershop.grep.be/~wouter/fosdem/2012/talk_proposals.txt>.
> There are some interesting proposals there, but unfortunately there
> aren't enough; we'll have two rooms for two days, which means we'll have
> around 32 hours worth of talk slots.
> A variety of sessions are welcome; round-table talks, BoFs as well as
> presentations, on any subject related to distribution development.
> Sessions can be about a subject specific to one particular distribution,
> or can be targetted to distribution developers in general.
> As said, the original deadline was December 22nd, but I am hereby
> extending the deadline until January 1st, 2012.
> People interested in holding a talk or chairing a BoF or round table are
> hereby invited to submit a proposal to the
> distributions at lists.fosdem.org mailinglist (moderated for
> non-subscribers), containing the following information:
> - their name,
> - a (short) bio,
> - a title for the session,
> - an abstract for the session,
> - an expected duration for the session, including time for questions by
>  the audience.
> Note that the distributions at lists.fosdem.org mailinglist may also be
> used to discuss possible BoFs or round tables before actually formally
> proposing a session, or for general discussion relating to the
> miniconference.
> Note: feel free to forward this call to a wider audience on other
> mailinglists where appropriate.
> Regards,
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