QtMoko Thunderbird

Harley Laue losinggeneration at gmail.com
Thu Dec 22 21:42:14 CET 2011

On 12/22/2011 01:52 AM, Nashvin Gangaram wrote:
> Hi all
> Has anyone got Thunderbird or any mail client working on QtMoko?
> I basically use Thunderbird on my PC to store my mail offline (via 
> IMAP) and access it.  It would be cool to have this functionality on 
> my Freerunner. :-)
> Thanks!
> - Nashvin

There are a couple issues with Thunderbird making it very hard to get 
working on QtMoko (I'm going to talk specifically about the GTA02 
hardware.) First, Firefox/Thunderbird aren't able to compile for ARMv4 
processors. (Actually, it only support ARMv7.) So that's a big problem 
with getting Thunderbird working.

Next, is there a mobile version of Thunderbird at all? How well is the 
interface it currently has translate to a small touch screen? I'm quite 
serious when I say that I think it'd be painful to try to use 
Thunderbird on the Freerunner.

Lastly, if I'm not mistaken, the Qt backend was experimental for awhile, 
I think it was dropped for awhile, and may have some interest again with 
people working on it. In any case, I don't think the Qt interface is in 
proper working order (I could be wrong.) This would make the application 
run as an X application with GTK. This isn't as huge of a deal, besides 
it consuming more resources. Speaking of resources, I'd wager the 
Freerunner doesn't even have enough RAM to run Thunderbird, but this is 
just a guess.

Anyways, as it currently is, I think it'd be a dead end for most people 
to try. That is, unless you have __A LOT__ of time to work on it.

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