building non-x11 qtmoko apps

Radek Polak psonek2 at
Sun Dec 25 10:47:48 CET 2011

On Saturday 24 December 2011 22:54:06 Tiago Bortoletto Vaz wrote:

> Hi, is it possible to build apps for qtmoko without qtopia sdk? I've doing
> a cleanup in debian packages for qtmoko and got some built using qmake and
> qt dev libs in a armel debian system. The issue is that it only runs under
> qx in qtmoko :) How to get them supporting fb?

I think the problem is that Qt-X11 is not binary compatible with Qt-embedded. 
They are source code compatible.

So you can have same sources but you need to compile twice against Qt-X11 and 
Qt-embedded. This is probably because X11/embedded classes have different 
members and e.g. sizeof(QWidget) is different on each platform - but maybe i am 
wrong - i have not checked it.

If they were binary compatible you could run all Qt apps in debian (like 
navit, FBReader) without recompiling.



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