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On 20.12.2011 16:44, Lukas Märdian wrote:
> [Crossposting to openmoko-community, shr-user and gta04-owner MLs]
> Openmoko Community Survey 2011 – please take part!
>   We decided to start a poll about which hardware and which software you
>   use or are interested in these days. The results will help us to
>   focus on relevant hard-/software.
>   Please participate in the survey at Doodle and spread the word about
>   it!
>   =>

The poll was open for one week now and we got votes from 73 people.
Thanks to all those who participated and thus helped to decide on the
future of the Om community.

I decided to close the poll now and release the results to the
mailinglists. To create a ranking I gave 1 point to a "YES" vote and 0.5
points to a "(YES)" vote. The maximum (100%) is 73 points.

Software Side:
1. SHR                  48.5 points    (66%)
2. QtMoko               41.5 points    (57%)
3. Debian               26.5 points    (36%)
4. Other Distro         16.5 points    (23%)

Hardware Side:
1. Om GTA02             65.0 points    (89%)
2. Goldelico GTA04      27.0 points    (37%)
3. Nokia N900           12.0 points    (16%)
4. Other Device         10.0 points    (14%)
5. Palm Pre (+variants)  7.0 points    (10%)
6. Om GTA01              5.0 points    ( 7%)
7. Google Nexus S        3.0 points    ( 4%)

On the software side SHR is still the most popular distro, directly
followed by QtMoko. Quiet a few people commented, that they intend to
code their own software/GUI mostly to educated themselves.

On the hardware side the Om GTA02 is the clear winner (which was
expected). Surprisingly the Goldelico GTA04 is the 2nd most interesting
device in this community, even though very few people have one, yet.
Still, most of the developers already own one and you should get yours
soon [1], as it seems to become a common target of this community. The
Palm Pre, Om GTA01 and Google Nexus S got very few points and thus are
probably not worth to support...

Other device: Nokia N9. I try to keep about up-to-date, while most of
the distro action currently is on Mer/Nemo side.

Nick Sheppard:
I've been using my GTA02 as my everyday phone for a year and a half,
first with SHR, then QtMoko v24, then SHR again. I've just signed up for
the GTA04 Group Tour.
I've tinkered with Android-on-FreeRunner, and I'd be interested in a
NetBSD port, especially since I discovered that Android took a lot of
its userland glibc from NetBSD and OpenBSD.
Finally MANY thanks to all involved in the FreeRunner project - this
community has made the Freerunner my favorite toy!

I run gentoo as the OS on my GTA02 and want to write my own phone app
too, just for fun. So i like an OS that has as little dependencies as
possible, and a distro that uses well established software for wifi
(wpa_supplicant), Bluetooth (Bluez), Gps (gpsd) etc.

I sold my GTA02 (now I'm sad, I'd like to get one again ;-), now using
N9 (Harmattan PR 1.1), I have also N950 (Harmattan PR 1.2) and N900
(with Maemo 5 and Nemo) and one pre-production C7 ;-)

I will try to get a N900 or a samsung Galaxy S

Other distro: AoF (Android on Freerunner), not usually as daily use,
mostly just for testing cool android things and seeing if there are
performance / stability improvements.

Other distro: android for gta02/gta04 and/or replicant; webos on gta04
if it'll be available/worth

Other distro is the android port for the freerunner for my wife's phone.
with two kids to feed and just one income the gta04 is unfortunately
about 75eur too expensive (compared to the early bird fee). may another
poll to see how many people have an interest in really buying the gta04
at certain fees would good.

(Yes), ifneedbe, I use a Motorola A780. Mostly that's not necessary, but
sometimes for weeks in a row, something seems "wrong" with my Freerunner
and/or the software.

For my GTA02 and GTA04 I plan on putting together my own rootfs and
write my own applications for a mobile phone interface that fits to what
I want. Until I get that far, I'm using QtMoko. My only interests: speed
and functionality.

I would love to have GTA04 but it's not possible for me righ now. I use
WebOS on Pre 3 and will be happy to have supported free distro for it.

Debian + QtMoko : because QtMoko installs itself on top of Debian
GTA04 : I don't have one yet, but I'm on the next group buy. And I'll
fallback to one from stock if the group

Other distro comment: I'd like to use a *BSD port


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