[Gta04-owner] Status GTA04 GroupTour

Neal H. Walfield neal at walfield.org
Thu Dec 29 12:18:05 CET 2011


It seems to me that there are two problems.

First, if someone orders a GTA04, that person doesn't get all the
hardware--that person needs to have a GTA01 or GTA02 and do some
non-trivial assembly.  I realize that you have some cases that you are
selling, which is the route that I went, but I think these are limited
and independent of the group tour.  If this option hadn't been
available, I would not have signed up for a GTA04.

Second, I think you are lacking publicity.  I haven't seen an article
about this on the news sites that I follow, such as lwn.net (did I
miss it?).

Given these two problems, I'd try to solve the first one before the
second one (one only gets so many chances with the media...).

I suspect that people who are buying a GTA04 at this stage are not
looking to use it as a phone immediately--they probably want to hack
on it.  These people don't need a phone case.  But, they do need an
LCD to get the experience.  My proposal would be to create a hackers
package: a GTA04 board, LCD and a big bulky case that could be placed
next to a workstation.  Even better would be if there is a commitment
to provide a case once it is ready (do you have a time frame for



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