Glamo and White

Rashid rashid at
Sat Dec 31 02:53:48 CET 2011

I wrote to White  / Weiss in irc. He helped me alot. I played a bit with
blitting and transperency on the glamo. Blitting with X worked fine, for
transperency I need some nor / nand hacks with x it worked too. Could
blit a 640 * 480 (all) with around 50-60 frames per second when i
remember right.

But the glamo can do it nativly and faster. And can do hardware scaling.
This would speed up navit a lot and a few emulators like a gameboy /
gameboy color emulator (transfering 160 × 144 is almost 4 times faster
than transfer 320*480pixel). 

Would love to a scale and blit command :)


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