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Am 30.12.2011 um 23:14 schrieb Gerald A:

>>> For me, I don't have time right now to assemble a Freerunner and a GTA04 to get a working phone
>>> "with possibilities". I want the completed package, then end result. The neo was shipped with the slogan
> This takes approx. 15 minutes. Rarely more. And we have an installation service if you don't want to
> DIY (I would appreciate if there will come up local resellers or hacking groups in your area).
> Does this 15 minutes require soldering skills? (I think it does).

No it doesn't. It is just some mechanical adaptations.

I think Sean some years ago encouraged to open the Freerunner and
take a look inside...

> I personally am not averse to trying to solder -- it's something I want to learn more about. But your "average linux
> geek" probably doesn't want to. But they still might be enamored by the prospect of an open phone.

The most tricky part is to peel off the LCD module from the PCB without
breaking the glass or disrupting the fine cables. An alternative is to glue
a new to the GTA04 board and just swap the complete GTA02-module
with a GTA04 module.

A complete description of the steps is in chapter 4 of the GTA04 manual:


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