qtomoko v31 boot ploblems

Radek Polak psonek2 at seznam.cz
Sat Feb 5 19:31:38 CET 2011

Ivan Matveev wrote:

> So everyone who installs QtMoko v31 to NAND and uses Qi shell have this
> problem?

I am personally using this configuration and it works for me. I am wondering 
why it thinks it's lzo. All qtmoko ubifs images are created with:

mkfs.ubifs -r /tmp/qtmoko-debian -o qtmoko-debian.ubifs -x zlib -m 2048 -e 
126976 -c 2047

Note the -zlib option. I think your bootloader is ok, because it tries to 
mount ubi. So the problem is most likely in rootfs NAND partition. Kernel 
probably reads the compression type (lzo) from your old SHR installation (SHR 
uses lzo). But i have no idea why.

Maybe it would be interesting to reflash it and then boot from SD card and 
check if it's flashed ok by dumping the rootfs NAND partition and comparing 
with the downloaded image.

Another option could be booting from SD card and flashing rootfs to NAND with 
nandwrite, but i have never done this so cant help much.

Maybe i could still do jffs2 images for stable releases, if that would help.



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