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On 2011-02-07 06:18, Radek Polak wrote:
> Neil Jerram wrote:
>> Although I have nothing but admiration for the way that Radek and his
>> contributors have been shepherding and improving QtMoko, I haven't
>> actually tried it recently because I find the default look too dull.
>> But your theme makes me feel like trying QtMoko again.
> There is also theme called asthromod, which is very beutiful too. The problem
> with themes is that they are quite big to be all in default instalation and i
> tried to solve this this weekend.
> My idea is to extend the appearence dialog with button or option "get more
> themes" which will preview all themes that we have and you can install new
> theme with single click. The problem is how to package them.
> First i tried to make theme packages with qtopia package system which looked
> promising (package was created easily), but then it turned out that this
> package system can install only to /home/root/packages and needs executable
> binary.
> So for now my plan is to make .deb package for each theme. I started learning
> debian packaging system and now i think i can do it.
> While learning debian packaging i made source package of qtmoko [1]. It does
> not have correct dependencies, but otherwise you can build qtmoko .deb package
> on PC host for ARM target. It's also possible to modify it for ARM package on
> ARM host (pass some more arguments to configure as described here [3]).
> While we are at it we could probably package all other qtmoko apps as .deb
> packages.

If you are going to do that, why not look at the proposed new standard 
packaging method?



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