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Mon Feb 7 09:42:25 CET 2011


I created 2 debs package for Faenqo
https://cyberesprit.fr/faenqo/faenqo_fr.deb [1] [fr
https://cyberesprit.fr/faenqo/faenqo_en.deb [2] [en version]

it helps..


On Mon, 07 Feb 2011 18:06:02 +1100,
Philip Rhoades 
> Radek,
> On 2011-02-07 06:18, Radek Polak
>> Neil Jerram wrote:
>>> Although I have nothing but admiration
for the way that Radek and his
>>> contributors have been shepherding and
improving QtMoko, I haven't
>>> actually tried it recently because I find
the default look too dull.
>>> But your theme makes me feel like trying
QtMoko again.
>> There is also theme called asthromod, which is very
beutiful too. The
>> problem
>> with themes is that they are quite big to
be all in default instalation
>> and i
>> tried to solve this this
>> My idea is to extend the appearence dialog with button or
option "get
>> more
>> themes" which will preview all themes that we have
and you can install
>> new
>> theme with single click. The problem is how
to package them.
>> First i tried to make theme packages with qtopia
package system which
>> looked
>> promising (package was created easily),
but then it turned out that this
>> package system can install only to
/home/root/packages and needs
>> executable
>> binary.
>> So for now my
plan is to make .deb package for each theme. I started
>> learning
debian packaging system and now i think i can do it.
>> While learning
debian packaging i made source package of qtmoko [1]. It
>> does
>> not
have correct dependencies, but otherwise you can build qtmoko .deb
>> on PC host for ARM target. It's also possible to modify it for
>> package on
>> ARM host (pass some more arguments to configure as
described here [3]).
>> While we are at it we could probably package all
other qtmoko apps as
>> .deb
>> packages.
> If you are going to do
that, why not look at the proposed new standard 
> packaging method?

> Regards,
> Phil.

CYBERESPRIT, libriste acharné.


un système GNU Linux, je suis libre et j'y participe ! 

Pourquoi un
système GNU Linux est mieux ? 

Qu'est-ce que le logiciel libre ? 

liste de logiciels libres et une autre

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