GameRunner distribution v0.3

Rafael Ignacio Zurita rafaelignacio.zurita at
Wed Feb 16 15:31:31 CET 2011

  new version of GameRunner after almost one year.

GameRunner is an Openmoko Linux distribution. It aims to convert the 
Freerunner phone into a Linux-based handheld game console :

New Version 0.3 Available :

Screenshots, pictures and instructions about how to play :

Changelog since 0.2 :

 - added "The Battle for Wesnoth" game
 - added "Free Heroes II" game
 - added RoadFighter racing game
 - added Xgalaga game
 - added GnuBoy emulator
 - added Xvier (4 in a row) game
 - fixed the problem with ubifs on nand (previous versions used to corrupt
   FS on NAND)
 - added bigger icons for launchers 
 - improved a bit the snes9x performance

Some random notes : 

- Boot time using qi is 15-20 seconds since second boot
- Many games use gamerunner gamecontrol which we wrote to control
  games like an external gamepad. With this tool we do not need to modify 
  games source code in order to use touchscreen and accelerometers as controls.
  If it is hard for you to play games, please, read the documentation on 
  screen and gamerunner web site. Also, you will find a video explaining the
  "two modes" feature. The gamecontrol has a lot of command line arguments,
  so you can set your own settings for it.
- Use Power button for exiting any game and get back to main menu.
- Use Aux button for switching mode in games using gamerunner gamecontrol.
- We have a forum to share suggestions, ideas, contribution work or report of
  bugs. Also, we think openmoko mailing list is fine as well.
- "save" does not work on The Battle of Wesnoth. We will work on that.

Sorry about the delay for this new version. We got several suggestions on 
forums, but we have not had time to work on those ideas before. Now we finally 
did, so enjoy :-)


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