Good evening to everyone

Martix at
Sun Jan 2 18:53:45 CET 2011

2010/12/31 Hrabosh <zbynecek at>:
>        Hello guys,
> I got my FreeRunner few weeks ago and since that I'm having fun
> discovering it :-)

Hi and welcome to Openmoko community!

> 9/ People I call with are complaining about bad sound quality. Did it
> happen to any of you?

Do people on other side hear the typical GSM buzz? You may know it
from sound speakers while somebody is calling... If so, one guy from
our Czech Openmoko community can make buzzfix for you. Feel free to
join to our Jabber conference: openmoko at and ask

> Thanks for your time,
> Zbynek,
> Brno, Czech Republic

Best regards,

Czech Republic

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