QtMoko calendar

mossroy mossroy.mossroy at gmail.com
Wed Jan 5 07:39:16 CET 2011

Thomas Bellembois wrote :

>  Is there a plan to develop a sync tool on QTMoko ?

I developed a very simple script that overwrites the content of QtMoko Calendar with the content of one or several iCal Files (.ics) that can be retrieved with HTTP
It works well enough to suit my needs, and the code is published here : http://mossroy.free.fr/ics2qtcal/
Note that this is not a two-way synchronization : only one-way

Anyway, it should still be considered as a work-in-progress, that should be improved at least in the following ways :
- add a way to launch the script from an icon in QtMoko (currently it must be launched from command-line)
- package the scripts, so that they can be installed easily (.deb ? .pkg?)
- add a GUI?

I would be glad to have some feedback on this script, and some help on the items listed above (I do not have much time to spend on it, and it already suits my needs)


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