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Wed Jan 5 20:59:27 CET 2011

Le 31.12.10 01:05, Hrabosh a écrit :
> 9/ People I call with are complaining about bad sound quality. Did it
> happen to any of you?

For me it was enough to use the following settings in NeoControl:

Playback: 125
Sidetone: 3
Mic2: 1

I nearly threw away my phone before finding out these settings... But as 
I read on the list here, it's extremely different from one phone to 
another. I liked the following post of Al Johnson (which I think you'll 
understand and makes you chuckle, too, reading your other posts as a 
HW-engineer having frightened SW-engineers in the back...):

[Snipped all but the 3 important channels, and reordered for the route the
signal takes]

 > > 	control.48 {
 > > 		value 3
 > > 	}
 > > 	control.12 {
 > > 		value 7
 > > 	}
 > > 	control.5 {
 > > 		value 110
 > > 	}
Total: +25dB

This is a ridiculous way to get that total gain, unless you want 
distortion. That may be a fine goal on a guitar amp, but not on a phone. 
For some reason it seems to be the recommendation , but don't ask me 
why. To get the same signal level with much less chance of distortion 
try these:
   Control 48
	value 2 (+24dB)
   Control 12
	value 5 (0dB)
   Control 5
	value 122 (+1dB)

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