bugs QtMoko v31

Alfa21 freerunner at my.is.it
Sat Jan 8 02:59:48 CET 2011

2011-01-01 at 18:07 Radek Polak
> > - I'm no longer able to connect to wifi and while I try I see console
> > messages over the framebuffer graphic screen - gprs does not connect too  
> No longer means that in v30 it worked? I dont see any messages and my wifi 
> connects. Maybe we have different setup? Do you use qi or uboot?
> I have tested both gprs and wifi and it works, also it works for others. We 
> have to find out what is wrong. Please give as much details as possible.

sorry, with wifi I was out of the covered range due of interferences from a cordless phone near the antenna: in other words it's ok!

btw I do see console messages through the framebuffer screen (like white terminal line over the graphic gui) every time I enable/disable the wifi connection.
maybe it's related to the vt switch?

about the gprs the problem is the multiplexer: when it's enabled it's not possible to use the gprs data connection.
when you turn off the multiplexer it's ok but it's highly probable to loose sms or calls.

> > - the long awaited rollback for the power profile "when locked" is still on
> > the to-do list  
> I was trying to look at it and at first sight i havent found what is wrong. I 
> have to find the discussion we had last time to refresh my memory.

the culprit is the "on lock" scenario because all the profiles (general, silent, meeting...etc) could support different power management properties each, but maybe the saved array does not take in account a third choice other than on cable and on battery and so begin the chaos both in the gui and in the actual values used in memory.

by now it'd be safe to rollback to the original state and forget about the "on lock" buggy feature.
we can achieve the same feature just configuring ad-hoc different profiles.

the current implementation has too much negative side effects.

> > - if you put qtmoko on uSD you cannot use the usb-storage
> > because /opt/qtmoko/bin/usb-mass-storage-on.sh tries to use (and unmount)
> > the whole uSD instead of a single partition and the root with qtmoko is on
> > the same device  
> Any ideas how to solve this?

I sent to you an early suggested workaround: in the current "on" script you have to specify a single partition instead of the whole uSD
eg: my current partition table is mmcblk0p1=/media/card (fat32 used as usb storage), p2=/ (qtmoko root), p3=swap (little extra memory).
in the script I've specified to use only p1 and commented out / modified all the mount checks because they works only with a whole device in mind.

I'm not saying this is a nice solution but at least it does not destroy your qtmoko/root filesystem! (->dangerous only if you have qtmoko on uSD too)

kind regards and good year to all folks!

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