GTA04 now starting from NAND flash and new Video

Dr. H. Nikolaus Schaller hns at
Tue Jan 18 15:59:10 CET 2011

Just an interim report from the lab...

We have updated the X-Loader to work on the GTA04 (has
slightly different GPIOs compared to the Beagle Board). Sources
can be found here [1].

And, there is a brand new video [2] showing the demo setup, the
board, zooming on the PoP memory.

Then, we switch on power and break into U-Boot console mode.
There, we initialize the LED controller (TCA6507) and make the
AUX and Power LEDs blink. Then, we initialize the LCD module
and start a TSC2007 test that reads all ADC channels and draws
bars into the framebuffer.

Next steps we will work on:
* show a boot splash
* make Linux boot on this board (needs a patch in the I2C driver)
* test more functions

Regarding the early adopter program, it is still open and we may
need more participants because there appears to be some (high)
MOQ for memory chips.



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