qtmoko v32 (experimental)

Kosa kosa at piradio.org
Thu Jan 20 03:05:45 CET 2011

Great!!! Thanks!! :D:D:D:D:D


El 19/01/11 15:53, Radek Polak escribió:
> Hi,
> i have released new experimental qtmoko images. They are now based on debian 
> squeeze and they have new (not finished) bluetooth support based on bluez4.
> You can download and get more info here [1] [2].
> Here are changes since v31:
> - switched from debian lenny->squeeze
> - switched from bluez3->bluez4
> - fixed the bug in power manager (switching battery/lock/charger)
> - fixed USB device/host scripts for recent kernel
> - fixed default DNS
> - qx can install X server (xglamo/xorg-glamo)
> - X server is no longer in image
> - updated omhacks
> - fixed qvga in qmplayer/qmokoplayer
> - GPS is now really powered down when no one uses it
> - SD card image has also manual pages and other data
> - qemu build host for people who want to make release themselves (see [4])
> - added files and info for native compiling on ARM host
> As far as i have tested - most of the stuff should be ok. But the release i 
> marked experimental, because the changes are big.
> Bluetooth is still work in progress. There are still some functions not 
> implemented and bluetooth handsfree is bugged (see below). I was able it to 
> pair with new device, you can see available services, you can use obex for 
> sending/receiving/browsing, A2DP works just fine. I am not sure if works the 
> scenario when headset connects to Neo, but Neo->Headset direction works. There 
> is also bug that sometimes you cant see just paired device. Workaround is exit 
> bt settings and enter it back.
> Bluetooth handset: after pairing and connecting i can always hear phone 
> ringing, i can use the buttons, but sound is there just randomly. For me it 
> works somehing like this:
> remove pairing with headset (if any).
> reboot phone
> make normal call (no bluetooth headset involved)
> pair with headset
> connect handsfree
> make call with bt headset - sound is ok
> Once it starts working it's ok. It would be nice to reproduce this bug and fix 
> it. Any suggestions and findings out how to reproduce are very welcome.
> As for QX - it can now install X server. You will need interenet connection. 
> The xorg install should be quite ok, Xglamo install is hack, you will have to 
> wait long time and it gives no output, but it should work. I'll fix it for next 
> release.
> Enjoy new version and bug reports are welcome (alhought i can start fixing them 
> not sooner then after 3 weeks). And also patches are welcome - i dont have 
> single one for this release!!!
> Cheers
> Radek
> [1] https://sourceforge.net/projects/qtmoko/files/Experimental/
> [2] http://www.qtmoko.org/wiki/Main_Page
> [3] http://activationrecord.net/radekp/qtmoko/
> [4] 
> https://github.com/radekp/qtmoko/blob/master/doc/txt/debian_rootfs_howto.txt
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