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Wow blast from the past, great to see your name popup in the inbox.



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Dear Community!


Today I get to do one of the things I love most about my job; announce

our next product. This time, it's very different from what we've built

in the past. No circuit boards were printed. Steel tooling wasn't cut.

Mass production didn't dent our view of reality. No. This time, ones

and zeros were all it took to assembly Openmoko's fourth product:

shiftd.com - A web service to bookmark, share, and discover videos

worth watching.


Like all our previous products, Shiftd started off by scratching a

personal itch. We were fascinated, yet totally overwhelmed by the

shear volume of videos on the web. We desperately wanted a way to

speed up the process of discovering what's worth watching. Existing

tools left us deeply unsatisfied. So we set out to build our own.


Currently, we're focused on Shiftd's core interaction model:

bookmarking, sharing, and recommending videos. We have a working

prototype. We're excited about using it ourselves, but we know it's

far from perfect. Like the Neo 1973 many years ago, I want to share

our perspective with you at the earliest possible stage.


Longterm, our goal is to bring Shiftd to many different types of

devices and systems. At this point, technically, we have built only a

website, supporting a few videos sites, using Flash not HTML5 video

(yet). We have rough ideas for future improvements, including which

interfaces to open, but no concrete steps have been taken. We are at

the beginning - the time at which we know the least about the project.

Purposefully, we have made the fewest binding decisions possible,

while still maintaining our original vision.


Your feedback is critical for us to get this product right. We want

Shiftd's heart to beat from the living process that emerges from the

journey we take together. Your stories, your real reactions, will

intimately grow Shiftd into something great.


Sign up today at http://shiftd.com. Start shifting. Tell us what you

like and what you don't like. Personally, I'm really looking forward

to receiving your recommendations (@mosko) and sharing some of my own

favorites with you.




Sean Moss-Pultz


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