FRNBv2 is dead. Long live FRNBv3!

Christoph Mair ml at
Tue Mar 1 18:46:05 CET 2011

HI Boudewijn,

Am Dienstag 01 März 2011, 13:13:08 schrieb W. B. Kranendonk:
> Which software do you use for the layout? I've tried both pcb (gEDA) and
> pcbnew (KiCAD), but neither shows anything after opening the files at
> (complaints about missing components; I don't have the
> details at hand).
Due to my lack of knowledge of open source EDA tools I used EAGLE from CadSoft 
( It runs on Linux, Mac and Windows and you can use 
the freeware version to view and edit the schematic and the layout.

I'd like to switch to OS EDA software for future projects. KiCAD is already 
installed, I just did not have enough time to play with it yet.

> Do I need additional libraries?
No, everything is included in the two files.

Best regards,

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