qtmoko v33

Alfa21 freerunner at my.is.it
Sat Mar 5 17:14:25 CET 2011

2011-03-05 at 12:42 Radek Polak

> > * unable to connect wifi wpa2-psk
> Was is working in some older versions? It can be bug either in 
> wpa_supplicatant or in qmoko wifi plugin that creates configuration for 
> wpa_supplicant. Does it work when you setup wpa_supplicant from command line? 
> I am trying to connect WPA2-psk here and it does not work too :(

previously I had v31 and it was ok, but only on the first attempt and then I needed to reboot
(rebooted also because wifi didn't stop and battery drain empty in few hours)
the blue led in v31 did never turn on while connected.
before v31 it was all ok... IIRC

> > * got some segfaults changing the theme and then opening the dialer
> IIRC it crashed here to, but after restart it was ok.

yeah, the same here... it's not a show stopper bug.

> > * removed package vim-tiny from v33 .tgz, please re-add it as default ;)
> Hmm i am trying to keep the image as small as possible. I'd rather prefer if 
> people could install they favourite apps with apt-get.

I agree, but I think vi/vim is quite a basic tool in any distribution.
I'd remove nano instead, not so common as vi is.
btw, nano is 1786kB, vim-tiny is 1114kB ;)

> > * visible kernel messages through the graphic desktop of qtmoko
> Kernel should not print anything except serious errors. That should be fixed in 
> kernel instead. Do you know which message did you see?

it's the console output, not only kernel messages, sorry.
in v31 for example I was able to see messages about wifi connection/dhcp

> > btw why in fstab you consider swap on p4? is there any doc about use of p3
> > in qtmoko? (I usually set uSD's p1 as storage, p2 as rootfs, p3 as swap)
> I used to partition my SD card like:
> p1 for vfat
> p2 for qtmoko
> p3 for android/SHR
> p4 for swap
> I dont know if it's good idea to change this scheme. You can always make p3 
> and p4 partitions to match this scheme.

ok, no problem for me as I can edit fstab... but at logic level I think p3 for android/shr is not strictly necessary for qtmoko and in general for a clean qtmoko phone ;)

> > ah, about fs type... do you consider for future releases using btrfs or
> > ext4? I know they have optimizations for flash memory kind of storage.
> IIRC you can use ext4 - it's compiled in kernel. Btrfs could be nice, but i 
> dont know if it makes sence now - e.g. if it performs good on FR. Unless 
> someone benchmarks it and proves that it works good on FR i'd like to keep 
> support only for ext2/ext3/ext4.

tried ext4 without success... I think it's just qi(v33) problem, maybe it lacks ext4 support.

kind regards, a.


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