[QtMoko] faenqomod updated

Francesco De Vita fdvjoif at vodafone.it
Sat Mar 5 18:56:26 CET 2011

Il 05/03/2011 16:30, Gennady Kupava ha scritto:
> Guys, can i repeat my bug report?
> In 'help', icon is absent for 'close' field (on right). It should be
> easy to fix? I had big problems with that then i used qtmoko first time.
> (it is frustrating to have no way to close 'help' which is first thing
> many users open)
> Gennady
  You're right. This is an old bug, I saw it first time in QtMoko v16. I 
think it is not related to themes, this bug is in fact present with 
every theme. The problem is that only the icon is not visualized. In 
fact if you click in the place where the "back/close button" should be, 
you obtain the "back/close action" even if there is no button (icon). 
But if you go in settings-->appearance and you choose to not "use icons 
for soft key", in "help" you'll see a "Close" button.


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