[qtmoko33] usb storage issue and kernel panic (was Re: qtmoko v33)

Alfa21-mobile freerunner at my.is.it
Tue Mar 8 15:26:54 CET 2011

On Fri, Mar 4, 2011 at 10:16 PM, Alfa21 <freerunner at my.is.it> wrote:
>> * fixed usb mass storage script
> I like the added logic to use the whole sdcard or a specific partition!
> btw why in fstab you consider swap on p4? is there any doc about use of p3 in qtmoko?
> (I usually set uSD's p1 as storage, p2 as rootfs, p3 as swap)
> ah, about fs type... do you consider for future releases using btrfs or ext4? I know they have optimizations for flash memory kind of storage.

hi radek,
I modified the last line in "on" script like:
#modprobe g_file_storage file=${DEV_NAME} stall=0
modprobe g_file_storage file=${DEV_NAME} stall=0 removable=y

this because otherwise (at least with a specific single partition
scenario) the usb drive is not usable with windows.
with linux and my home tv-set and home theater is always accessible,
with or without the "removable=y" directive.
this change just add the compatibility with windows OS (tested on winXP).

btw, both now and before, I get kernel panic changing usb mode back
and forth storage/ethernet more than twice... :(
I'm not able to tell more on this issue because on reboot do not see
anything interesting inside logs :S


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