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Wed Mar 9 17:46:45 CET 2011

Brian <bneil at> wrote:

> This worked for me on qtmoko, I was using a bluetooth headset most of
> the time but there are some issues with that approach. Here's a link
> from a previous ml posting about audio settings:

That article solves my sound problems! - thanks for posting it.

I automount a sd card partition (ext2); the system does not seem to unmount it cleanly. It makes no difference whether I halt or reboot either from the gui or commandline; when the neo comes back up if I fsck the card it reports that it was not unmounted cleanly.

I've just updated to v33 after sticking for some time with v26 - I'm pretty certain this behaviour did not happen in that older version. Certainly the card would need a fsck after a crash, but not after a clean shut down.

Would someone check this - it looks like a bug to me.
David Matthews
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