bug: sd card not unmounting

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Wed Mar 9 19:24:33 CET 2011

> no, not here.
> I've v33 and works for me! (full installation on uSD with 3
> partitions: storage/rootfs/swap)

My roofs is on nand; the rootfs unmounts cleanly, but not the uSD based partition that I automount on /media/card

> rather, are you 100% sure about your hardware clock? otherwise system
> vs rtc clock skews may trigger a check of the filesystem!

I don't think this can explain it, but to check I did this:-

1. I shutdown the neo and fsck the uSD in a laptop 
2. this reports a filesystem that was not unmounted properly - same as I get on the Neo
3 I put the card back in the neo and start up and fsck - I have a clean filesystem on the uSD for the first time after a shutdown/reboot!

I think this is clear evidence of an unclean shutdown and it only happens since I upgrade to v33  - I don't think there is any hardware issue here.

David Matthews
mail at dmatthews.org

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