bug: sd card not unmounting

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Wed Mar 9 21:07:29 CET 2011

I think I should add to my own post to mention that I briefly tried the January SHR testing a few weeks ago. That had the same problem ie (even) a clean shutdown -> fsck reporting improper unmounting of the uSD.

To summarize my experience:-
qtmoko v26 - this problem does not happen
SHR testing - I first see this issue
back to qtmoko v26 - problem goes away
qtmoko v33 -the same problem comes back

I assume both distros are using the same kernel, so my guess is there is a problem there.

> root at moke:~# /etc/init.d/qpe stop
> -bash: /etc/init.d/qpe: No such file or directory
> root at moke:~# /etc/init.d/qtmoko stop   
> root at moke:~# killall atd
> atd: no process found
> root at moke:~# hwclock -r
> Wed Mar  9 19:29:45 2011  -0.155039 seconds
> root at moke:~# date
> Wed Mar  9 19:29:55 UTC 2011
> root at moke:~# 

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