qtmoko v33

Philip Rhoades phil at pricom.com.au
Thu Mar 17 05:54:32 CET 2011


I just did a clean install with v33, restored my symlinks for /root 
/home/root to dirs on the SD card and everything worked perfectly!  Many 
thanks for your continuing work!  See below for comments/questions:

On 2011-03-04 17:37, Radek Polak wrote:
> Hi,
> i have uploaded new qtmoko v33 images to sourceforge now [1]. They are still
> called experimental, because a few things are still not perfect.
> For more information about qtmoko please see [2][3].
> Here is list of changes since v32:
> * new theme "faenqo" (cyberspirit)

Is this the default? - it looks the same as before - how do I change 
themes (I couldn't find the info anywhere) - ahh networking problem on 
my server - fixed now.

> * qtmoko and it's applications are packaged as debian packages
> * compiled natively on ARM with debian toolchain
> * new web with applications and themes [4]
> * applications are now installed from web browser
> * new icon for installing qtmoko apps in Applications
> * you can easily install new themes in appearence settings


> * fixed usb mass storage script (thanks to Alfa21)
> * omhacks are installed as debian package from sid
> * qmplayer installs mencoder in debian

? mplayer installed when I tried to play an audio file but mencoder is 
not installed . .

> * mencoder uses ac3 codec for audio
> * orange led brightness should be fixed (only in sources)
> * moved all apps from qtmoko-apps git to qtmoko git
> * updated docs for building and compiling
> The list is quite short on how much of work it was.
> Most of the effort was to package everything with debian package system. This
> should be done now except for kernel which is on the list for next release.
> For installing qtmoko with apt there is new line now in /etc/apt/sources.list:
> deb http://qtmoko.sourceforge.net/debian/ /

I might try this next time.

> Applications and themes are right now not in that repo. They can be installed
> from web browser from url below [4]. Applications are put in categories, they
> have tags and screenshots for easy searching and navigation. Please let me
> know if you have ideas or patches for improving this. The application web is
> generated from .xml files with xsltproc and bash scripts so it should be quite
> easy to change look or improve it.
> Btw .deb packages for most of the apps are still building right now so please
> be patient - i will upload them as soon as the build is finished.
> Applications in this version can be still installed with old qtopia package
> system, but i am going to disable this for next release if new packaging will
> be ok for you.
> My plan for next version is to fix regression if you find any, package properly
> also kernel and release it as stable.
> Plans for future is FSO framework in qtmoko.

What will that provide?

> Don't forget to try new faenqo theme or use older themes (asthromod) which
> were only in git until now. They are really nice.
> Thanks for supporting qtmoko

Thanks for continuing to support my Neo!


Philip Rhoades

GPO Box 3411
Sydney NSW	2001
E-mail:  phil at pricom.com.au

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