NeronGPS - fixes, map cache

Tomas Nackaerts tomas.nackaerts at
Thu Mar 17 14:31:14 CET 2011

Op maandag 14 maart 2011 20:45:07 schreef Jiří Pinkava:
> Hi,
> what is status of NeronGPS? Is sthi project (somewere? in Radek's
> repositery?) alive?

you can find the latest code at: But 
the latest commit happend almost a year ago, so i believe this project is 

In Radeks repository you do not find the latest code, i believe because in the 
latest version it is not possible to syncronise the clock with the  GPS

> NeronGPS sometimes segfault or just exits, where I should send patches
> (if I do anny :)?
I thinks you best send it to radek

> In latest QtMoko v33 I does not found how to download map to cache (I
> used original app from to do this)
> I'm miss something?

didn't try v33 yet.

> Pinkava J.


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