NeronGPS - fixes, map cache

Philip Rhoades phil at
Fri Mar 18 00:39:52 CET 2011


On 2011-03-18 02:22, Radek Polak wrote:
> Ji=C5=99=C3=AD Pinkava wrote:
>> Hi,
>> =20
>> what is status of NeronGPS? Is sthi project (somewere? in Radek's
>> repositery?) alive?
>> =20
>> NeronGPS sometimes segfault or just exits, where I should send patches
>> (if I do anny :)?
>> =20
>> In latest QtMoko v33 I does not found how to download map to cache (I
>> used original app from to do this)
>> I'm miss something?
> Hi,
> the author has his git here:
> His last work seems was support for N900. I was using for long time some ol=
> der=20
> version which had more features. I'll switch back to this version for qtmok=
> o=20
> v34. IIRC this version never segfaulted for me.
> You can send patches to me against my git:
> probably against the branch qtmoko.

I communicated with the author about an improvement (restarting trace 
after a loss and regain of a fix) but he says he doesn't have time to 
work on it any more but he was happy to help if I wanted to hack the 
code but I haven't had time either . .


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