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mossroy mossroy.mossroy at gmail.com
Sat Mar 19 12:12:17 CET 2011

I uploaded a version 0.5 of the script on http://mossroy.free.fr/ics2qtcal/
It now can handle correctly the date/times that are given in UTC format 
(which was the case in the test ics file you sent me, generated by 
google calendar)

Please test it and let me know if it's ok for you.

Le 18/03/2011 13:55, Wesley Frazier a écrit :
> QTMoko is set to "New York" for the timezone. Google Claendar is set
> to "Eastern Standard". The timezones should match. It may be that
> Google Calendar does not preserve the timezone data in the ics file.
> It may present the entries in UTC or something.
> If there was a command-line option to just specify a time offset, I
> think that would be enough for me.
> If you would like a test google calendar / ics file let me know. I can
> provide one.
> Thanks!
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>> It's certainly a timezone issue.
>> I suppose you don't use the same timezone in google calendar and in QtMoko.
>> I'll look into it, to see if I can fix that in the code.
>> Any other issues with this script?
>> I'm happy to see that it might be helpful for someone else than me :-)
>> Regards,
>> Mossroy
>> Le 18/03/2011 00:39, Wesley Frazier a écrit :
>>> Ive been trying to setup these scripts here:
>>> http://mossroy.free.fr/ics2qtcal/v0.4/ to download my google calendar
>>> and sync it to my phone. Via the ics / private link download in google
>>> calendar, with partial success.
>>> Its working but there seems to be a time offset. All of the
>>> appointments on the phone that were synced from the google calendar
>>> are three or four hours ahead of their actual times.
>>> Any advices/suggestions?
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