Openmoko / Medion Wikireader?

Sean Moss-Pultz sean at
Sat Mar 19 16:45:24 CET 2011

On Sat, Mar 19, 2011 at 10:55 PM, Jeff <jcolbert at> wrote:
> I knew the mediaon and pandigital were the compressed and shortened versions
> of the Wikireader. The big one can use larger SD cards, so you can carry
> around more information. Mine has the full english wikipedia, wiktionary,
> and wikiquotes on an 8gb microsd. If you use a 16 gb card, you can add even
> more info, like Gutenberg. However, I don't think the smaller capacity
> wikireaders are capable of addressing the 8gb and larger cards.


Besides the memory cards they ship with, they're identical.


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