Openmoko / Medion Wikireader?

Alexander Lehner lehner at
Sun Mar 20 13:25:25 CET 2011

On Sun, 20 Mar 2011, Christoph Pulster wrote:

> Pulster - Wikireader with 8 GB card - 109 eur
> Medion  - Wikireader with 4 GB card - 80 eur
> A 16 GB microSD card is 19 eur. This pushes me out of business.

This is an opensource community where people work and help together. So 
I'd vote to buy the next WR from pulster and not from conrad and give him 
the 9 EUR to keep his nice shop running.
BTW: After your third order you will get a barrel of red wine from him 
for christmas!
This is (almost) true, as I experienced it myself.

> What I do not understand is, why you focus on online markets.
> Here in Germany Medion sells via - a mayor electronic online
> shop.  The Wikireader is a classical offline device aimed to non-
> computer geeks. Some educational projects of developing countries should
> be the right address.

Politically yes, economically maybe not.
conrad is a man's toy shop and many people buy things simply because they 
can have it, not because they need it.
The One Laptop Per child project imo suffers from the same idea. If they 
would offer their product to the mass market, they would sell much more 
and finally could drop their price this way for developing countries.

(But I'm not a business man...)


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