Fwd: [Hackable1-user] First beta version of the DeforaOS smartphone environment on hackable:1

Pierre Pronchery khorben at hackable1.org
Mon Mar 21 11:48:13 CET 2011

			Dear community,

hackable:1 is still alive, and even welcomed a new developer (hi Trim!)
Better, we are currently preparing another release of hackable:1, based
on the DeforaOS smartphone environment (details below).

A number of fixes and improvements made it to the beta since its
original announcement last week, including the long-awaited homescreen
support. Screenshot:

The current images are there:

Happy testing!
-- khorben

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		Dear hackable:1 developers and users,

it is now time for me to announce the beta version of dse2, or second
release of the DeforaOS smartphone environment as found on hackable:1.
Is still adheres to the initial goal of hackable:1, as in:
- based on Debian,
- focusing on GNOME Mobile software and user experience.

It features however an almost complete re-implementation of the user
interface and telephony software compared to the last official release,
rev5, which was based on the software stack from OpenedHand shipping on
the Openmoko Freerunner for its launch, and known as Om2007.2.

You can read more about the environment itself here already:

And of course, the images themselves can be found there:
where Hackable1-Openmoko-Freerunner-phone-2011.03a-rootfs.jffs2 is meant
to be flashed to the NAND memory via dfu-util, and
Hackable1-Openmoko-Freerunner-phone-2011.03a.tar.gz is for MicroSD cards
in the expansion slot.

The list of changes since dse1 are numerous, and I will certainly forget
some, even while listing only the most significant ones:

- complete re-implementation of the images generation system
  => images are now based on the new stable Debian version, "squeeze"
  => the images shipped no longer need apt trickery to be upgraded
  => support for other distributions than Debian can be easily added

- major improvements to the user interface
  => more space for applications on the screen
  => the virtual keyboard is more usable (windows are resized when
  => file associations can be set and changed directly from the file
     browser's preferences dialog
  => new web browser, task list manager and media player
  => usability fixes for finger-based interaction

- improved telephony and mobility support
  => GPRS support was added
  => the screen locks automatically
  => suspend and resume are supported as well

- newer kernel, with fixes for hardware support
  => MicroSD cards can be mounted again

Unfortunately, not everything could always be kept as well as it was
before, or improved as much as planned and hoped in time for this release:

- the "Show desktop" button could be fixed, but there is no way to
  enable the homescreen yet
  => a proper integration with matchbox-window-manager is still required
- pre-installed GPS support had to be removed
  => too many dependencies for gpsd
- wireless support is also not pre-installed
  => too many dependencies for wicd
- hardware buttons are still not supported
  => neod can now be installed again though
- the HTC TouchPro is not supported in a decent way yet
- support for other telephony backends (SIP, osmocore) is ongoing but
  still not good enough to be released here

Although, there is still time to work some more on this version. My
objective is to release dse2 next week-end, or after a release-candidate
cycle if necessary. Let me know what should be done before then!

Of course, I will welcome any other comments, feedback, bug reports,
patches, contributions of any kind.

Cheers and hope this helps!


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