QtMoko new replacement battery - charging oddness

Philip Rhoades phil at pricom.com.au
Thu Mar 24 09:46:54 CET 2011


My original Neo battery lasts about 3.5 hours from a full charge with no 
activity with QtMoko v33.  I bought replacement BL-6C batteries but when 
I plug either of them in, they appear to be charging (~20 hours) but 
when the USB is disconnected the battery icon appears to be still 
charging(!) and the Neo shuts down soon after (< 2 hours) with no 
charge.  When I reboot, I try to cat the files in:


but I get "No such device" messages.

Any ideas about how to proceed?


Philip Rhoades

GPO Box 3411
Sydney NSW	2001
E-mail:  phil at pricom.com.au

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