[ANNOUNCE] release candidate 1 for new SHR-testing 2011.1

Thomas Zimmermann ml at vdm-design.de
Thu Mar 24 13:42:30 CET 2011

Am Mittwoch 23 März 2011, 22:47:56 schrieb Jan Vlug:
> I've been using SHR-testing 2011.1 for a while now and experienced the
> following problems:
> - white screen after reception of a text message.
i will look if i can reproduce this.

> - not always new message icon on lock screen.
the lockscreen is a bit slow in refreshing those informations, doesn't it show 
the new message even after one or two minutes?

> - unable to add number to contacts (issue#1310)
#1310 is about a bug in pyphonelog, i will look if i can reproduce this.

> - sometimes gsm network lost according to the icon in the top bar
This is known and like i've written on shr-user list we need logs from this 
crash to find the cause because i can't really reproduce it.

> - shutdown from quick settings menu does not work (related to issue
> #1170 or issue #1205?)
#1170 and #1205 are fixed, and shutdown from quick settings works fine for me, 
just the first try doesn't work because of a bug in elm_add_lable. I'm 
currently trying to debug this.

> - complete freeze (I have to take of the battery to reboot)
I need logs for this too.

> -once tangogps did not update the map anymore
have you tried foxtrotgps if it's there too?
Anyway tangogps and foxtrotgps bugs should be reported upstream as we can't fix 

> Would you like me to create issues in trac for all mentioned problems ?
if you like you can do so.

> I've no additional programs installed.
> In general I can use the freerunner as a daily phone.
> Kind regards,
> Jan.

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