QtMoko v33 - More battery info and questions

Paul Fertser fercerpav at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 15:42:31 CET 2011


Philip Rhoades <phil at pricom.com.au> writes:
> - Even with the "dumb" battery configuration, the battery charging
> animated icon continues after USB (power) disconnection - should that
> happen?

Provide "uevent" files contents for both the battery driver and
pcf50633-mbc drivers.

> - Using the methods above, both "bind" and "unbind" files exist in the
> driver directory - shouldn't there be only one at any one time?  If
> not, don't the files only need to be created once instead of
> repeatedly each time the scripts/aliases are run?

Those files are always present in the sysfs, kernel maintains them
automatically for every driver.

> - The discharge rate attached for an inactive phone (with a blanked
> screen) with a new, fully charged battery is not very good (~10
> hours)

Keep in mind that the SoC was constantly running during that test, so
this should be ok. Normal usage assumes you use suspend-to-ram when
you do not actually interact with the device, that should give ~70
(without #1024 fix) or ~140 (with it) hours of "standby time".

> - Should the phone be shut down after the "dumb" battery is fully
> charged?

No, charging is the same for gta02 battery and the dumb one, it's safe
and doesn't require manual intervention.

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