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On 2011-05-09 21:08, Radek Polak wrote:
> On Saturday 07 May 2011 17:20:50 Joif wrote:
>> Hi list
>> In the announcement of QtMoko v33 there were some discussions about the
>> future of QtMoko.
>> But to date, I have not a clear vision about the current situation and the
>> future of QtMoko, so I want to ask some questions to developers.
>> 1) QtMoko is based on Qt Extended, is this "Qt base" still in development
>> or is it an ended project? I mean, the main work on QtMoko is about
>> bringing new and improved code or about solving bugs?
> Hi, much of the questions were already answered by Timo (thanks), i will try
> to add some more info.
> To avoid confusion i will try to explain what QtMoko is. From historical point
> of view its:
> qtopia =>  qt extended =>  qt extended improved =>  QtMoko
> Please note that you cant use first three names for your projects, because they
> are trademarks of Nokia, so that's why QtMoko.
>  From technical point of view QtMoko is using regular Qt as framework for GUI,
> networking and other nice features that Qt supports. Qt is just compiled with
> custom configure switches. We can upgrade Qt from upstream and receive new Qt
> features quite easily.
> On top of Qt there are additional libraries for modem, bluetooth, wireless...
> and programs like homescreen, dialer, bluetooth gui, media player. QtMoko is
> upstream of these programs and libs. They can look like dead from the GIT
> commit history, but they compile ok and are working well, so there is not much
> reason to touch them.
>  From my point of view there is nothing rotten in QtMoko except the build
> system which is no longer working with newer Qt because QtScript has been
> rewritten in upstream Qt and is no longer working in qbuild (qtmoko build
> system).
> There are two ways to solve it - either fix it of switch the build system to
> something else - most probably cmake.
>> 3) If FSO, how many parts of the current QtMoko have to be rewritten? Will
>> FSO be more difficult to use (in terms of writing new code)?
> It's hard to say now, i have just started with demo application that blinks
> leds and it was quite easy ;-)
>> 4) What about Qt Mobility?
> If there is anything useful there we can use it.
>> 5) Will QtMoko still remain Debian-based? (I hope so! :) )
> Sure, but not only debian, you can compile if for any rootfs. I am now using
> SHR unstable for work on FSO integration.
>> 6) Is (or will be) there a way to write new apps (or modify extisting ones)
>> in a relative easy way such as using Qt Creator?
> I try to add QtCreator projects for all new projects and i try to make sure
> the apps work also on PC where you can debug them easily. I havent looked for
> more integration like automatic deploy and debugging on the device, but on the
> other hand scp&  gdb good enough for me.

Thanks for this detail - excuse my ignorance but how does the above fit 
into your comment about qtopiamail for SMS and getting a CLI going for 
SMSs in a future development?


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