FreeRunner Navigation Board v3 - Power management

Martix at
Sat May 21 16:41:06 CEST 2011


How much of power Navigation Board v3 consume, both in operational
state (all sensors are active) and in idle state (all sensors are
powered down)? Can I power down whole board from software? If not,
could be board VCC connected somehow to the PMU (PCF50633)? Perhaps,
Navigation Board could use free power line from PMU, if it's available
or share power line with one accelerometer or GPS. I know about test
pins with 0R resitors on PMU power outputs used for external current
measurement, VCC could be provided from one of these pads.
Did anybody considered PMU power management approach with Navigation Board?

I like to hear your opinion and suggestions about this matter.

PS: It would be nice to have some informations regarding power
management documented on the wiki:

Best Regards,


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