[SHR] GTA02 unstable image 22-8 ok?

Boudewijn wankelwankel at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 13 15:19:45 CET 2011

Hi List,

I run unstable SHR on uSD with an image from probably may this year. I got two 
problems wirth mentioning: 
- opkg does not upgrade (some file being too large)
- intone is not very stable (at points I'd call it "misbehaving")

One and other seems to have lead to fsodeviced not running anymore. Earlier 
this week I had a crash of intone that was more obnoxious than usual, with 
intone persisting not to run after a reboot. 

Subsequent rebooting made fsodeviced not running anymore. I have fsck.ext3 the 
uSD on another system (the fs had had some 200 mounts with no fsck, but no 
errors), rebooted the FR with plain "reboot", with /etc/init.d/reboot stop, 
using shutdown from the quick settings and by pulling the battery, in that 
order to no avail.

Last night I extracted the unstable image from 22-8 on the uSD, which gave 
kernel panic (not syncing) on boot. At first I had not copied the provided 
kernel since it was already contained in the zip. After copying it in anyway, 
nothing changed for the better. 

Is the unstable image from 22-8 supposed to be stable enough to boot from? I 
flashed NAND with the full image and the 2.6.37 kernel from 10-6, but that 
gives a panic on boot as well.

Best regards,

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