Recommendations for a data-only GSM/UMTS device in USB stick ff

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Tue Nov 15 14:49:04 CET 2011

Dne 15.11.2011 02:24, Michael Sokolov napsal(a):
> Oh, and before anyone accuses me of being a hypocrite and hoarding or
> not-sharing the TSM30 FW source which I have finally located, let me
> reiterate I *do* freely and readily share this source with everyone in
> the world, just not via the Internet.  Not via the Internet because my
> current FTP server doesn't have enough disk space and my external
> Internet connection is too slow.  Instead I am offering a CD-R copy by
> snail mail to anyone in the world who wants one.  Just give me a snail
> mail address (PO Box / anonymous / whatever, I don't care) and I'll
> send a CD-R copy out the same week, maybe even the same day.  Anyone
> who would like to see it made freely available via the Internet is
> welcome to get the CD-R copy from me, then host it on his/her own
> server: everyone in the world but me uses newer HW for which half a
> GiB is nothing, and I'm sure that most people in the world have
> faster Internet connections than my 384 kbps symmetric.
If you really have that sources, you can upload them on some public file 
sharing website and post link here on mailing list. Of course, you are 
going to lose control over this files and broke some terms of service 
rules, but you don't recognize this bourgeois rules, right?

For inspiration, there are links to leaked TI Calypso documentation 
hosted on some leaks-friendly file sharing service:

You don't really need to host files on your personal FTP server, if you 
don't need to keep access logs for let's say statistics purposes, of course.

> And I do have hardware docs for both Calypso and Glamo on my public
> FTP site: they are small enough, unlike the *gigantic* TSM30 FW source
> and the associated development environment.  (The latter is for
> Windows unfortunately, and is required to compile the darned thing,
> until someone does the massive work to port it to compile with gcc&
> binutils toolchain.)
> MS
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